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Bihectomy (removal of fat from the Buucal or cheeks)

Bichectomy surgery (removing of Buucal fat  or cheek reduction) helps the individual to improve not only the appearance of the cheeks, but also brings harmony to the overall facial shape.

As you know, the shape of the face is one of the most important criteria for beauty and attractiveness. For this reason, the golden ratio of the jaw, cheeks and other areas of the face is popular with a certain percentage. Thus, the face is younger, more attractive and more aesthetic. Bichectomy surgery(removal of fat from the Buucal) is a great way to regain lost self-confidence. When fat is removed in the cheek area, the face will narrow relatively quickly and harmoniously. The cheekbones will be accentuated for a slimmer effect. Your face will literally brighten up.

The so-called “Hollywood Cheek” is a facial triangulation procedure in which the face contour is angular and the thick cheek pads are high

The aim of Bichectomy Surgery  is to refine the face in the cheek area. Although a face with natural curves and soft contours is typical of youth, some people find their face too full and their cheeks too thick.

Who is a good candidate for Bichectomy surgery (cheek fat removal)?

Indications for cheek fat removal (Bichectomy surgery) are very individual. Basically, this method is suitable for patients with excessively chubby cheeks.
If you decide on this procedure, think first of all how you want to see exactly YOUR face, and do not try to match any ideal image.
In general, you may be a good candidate for Bichectomy surgery (cheek fat removal surgery removal) if:
• you are stable physically and mentally
• You have realistic expectations
• You do not smoke
• Are you worried about the appearance of your plump cheeks
If you are planning an operation, spend some time looking at pictures of your (Bichectomy surgery (Buucal fat removal orcheek fat removal surgery) and check out how the recovery period is going. Preparedness helps patients have reasonable expectations and remain calm during the rehabilitation period.

What are the steps in the Bichectomy surgery (cheek fat removal) procedure?

The procedure for removing buccal fat includes the following four steps:

Step 1-General Anesthesia

Special medications are administered during the surgical procedure for your comfort and pain relief. Choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.

  Step 2 – cut process

Bichectomy or Buucal fat removal requires an incision on the inside of the mouth, on the inside of the cheek. Sometimes, the buccal fat pad can be removed during a facelift and does not require an incision inside the mouth.

Step 3 – closing the incisions

The incisions in the mouth are closed with sutures. Typically, these stitches will dissolve, but each plastic surgeon performs the surgery differently. Avoid fiddling with these stitches with your tongue for as long as the surgeon tells you to.

 Step 4 – evaluating the result

After surgery to remove Bichat’s lumps,  your face will become more refined, the contour of your cheeks will be more clearly defined, especially in the area of ??the cheek cavity.

 What should I expect during my Buccal fat removal Surgery?

After your buccal fat removal surgery, you may be asked to stick to a liquid diet for a few days or longer. Your surgeon will recommend the use of special mouthwashes to reduce the risk of infection.
You have to follow the following instructions, which may include:

  • Information on caring for stitches after surgery
  • Medicines for external or internal use to speed healing and reduce the risk of infection
  • Any specific procedures related to your morphological characteristics or to your general state of health
  • When to consult your plastic surgeon
  • Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon questions about what exactly you can expect during the rehabilitation period, taking into account the characteristics of your body.
  • Where can I be picked up from the clinic after the operation is complete?
  • What medications will I be given or prescribed after my surgery?
  • Will I have bandages / bandages after surgery? When will they be removed?
  • When can I resume normal activities and exercise?
    When should I come for the next postoperative check-up?

The healing period lasts several weeks, along with a reduction in the swelling. Continue to follow your surgeon’s instructions and come on a regular schedule for follow-up consultations.

Benefits of Bichectomy (removing of Buucal fat)

Cheek reduction bichectomy surgery offers many benefits, including:

  • More defined cheeks;
  • Improved facial contours;
  • Rejuvenated facial shape;
  • Improved facial appearance;
  • Greater self-confidence.

During an appointment, the professional will evaluate the patient’s face, thus presenting the best surgical plan to help them achieve the desired facial rejuvenation results.

Bichectomy Recovery Time

The patient may present with facial swelling after surgery. However, the swelling can last for about 30 days, after which time the cheeks will start to look thinner and more contoured.

The professional will indicate how to maintain the diet during the recovery period.

It usually takes about 7 to 10 days for the tissues inside the mouth to recover after removing the buccal fat pad. As such, a patient may need to maintain a mild or semi-liquid diet for the first few days after surgery.


Where to find a professional to perform a Bichectomy in Islamabad Pakistan?


It is just easy! Just get in touch with IPAL skin care clinic in F-8 Islamabad Pakistan and make your appointment, as it is important that a clinical evaluation is carried out by the professional who will perform the Bichectomy Surgery (Removing of Buucal Fat), so that she can assess whether there is an indication and what are the expectations regarding the treatment.

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