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Fotona is an integrated acne treatment procedure that has the dual effect of lowering inflammation and enhancing the appearance of acne scars. This is accomplished by photo-selective absorption and regulated heating. Corona offers a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure that uses an Er:YAG laser to target the scar tissue left behind by acne and to stimulate the generation of new collagen. This treatment is intended to enhance the appearance of acne scars.

Are Laser Acne and Scar Revision Treatments Something That You Might Want to Look Into?

Individuals who are healthy and have acne scarring that is mild to moderate in severity are considered to be the best candidates for scar revision and acne scar treatment with lasers. Have you ever suffered with acne, beginning in your teenage years and continuing throughout adulthood?

Our treatment with the laser has the potential to be effective. In order to establish whether or not laser treatments are appropriate for you, our staff will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current skin condition as well as your medical history during the consultation that you have scheduled with us.

Enhance the Feel and Appearance of Your Skin

Are you seeking for a more effective therapy for your active acne as well as any acne scars you may have? We offer a treatment that can make your scars less noticeable and restore the appearance of your skin’s health and vitality. Laser treatments are able to be administered by the trained professionals at IPAL Islamabad. These treatments can help enhance the texture of your skin. You have earned the right to have skin that is flawless in appearance, free of blemishes, and a reflection of your overall health and happiness.

This treatment causes very little pain; nevertheless, some patients may feel some slight discomfort, and there may also be some heat on the area that is being treated.