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CO2 laser

CO2 Laser Treatment

Dermatologists and clinicians utilize CO2 lasers to minimize the appearance of acne scars, deep wrinkles, and other skin abnormalities. It is a non-invasive therapy that uses a carbon dioxide laser to remove the outer layers of damaged skin.

In skin resurfacing treatments, IPAL employs carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers. These lasers release radiation that eliminates the skin’s surface layer and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

How does It work?

A CO2 laser for acne scars produces an infrared laser beam from a gas mixture containing around 20% carbon dioxide. Water can absorb the laser’s radiated energy. Your acne scars will fade quickly under the laser’s heat and light because most of your body’s cells are water. When the laser removes the scar tissue, healthy new tissue can form in its place.

How long does a typical CO2 Laser treatment last?

The number of sessions required to get desired results varies from two to six and depends on the depth and location of the acne scarring. The use of anesthetics is standard practice during surgery. A qualified medical professional should only treat patients with a CO2 laser in a laser treatment-specific clinical setting. Permanent skin harm may result from improper usage of this treatment by someone who is not a medical practitioner.