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Fotona Gynae

Fotona Gynae

The Fotona Gynae laser therapy is a kind of laser treatment that can improve vaginal health and treat several different gynecological conditions.

At IPAL, the Fotona Gynae treatment will be administered by a qualified medical community member. We will use a portable device to provide laser energy to the vaginal tissue, concentrating on the desired spots within the vaginal canal.

The treatment is carried out in a clinical setting most of the time and can run for as long as half an hour.

It is essential to remember that Fotona Gynae might not be appropriate for those with particular medical conditions. You should get the advice of a qualified medical professional to determine whether or not this kind of therapy is suitable for you.

How Does it Work?

Fotona Gyne uses a specialized laser to enhance vaginal health and treat gynecological conditions. The wavelength of the laser penetrates vaginal tissue without hurting adjacent tissue.

During treatment, laser radiation warms tissue and induces collagen production. Vaginal tissue is strengthened and elasticized by collagen.

Fotona Gynecology addresses laxity, dryness, incontinence, and atrophy of the vagina. The treatment increases collagen synthesis to tighten and tone vaginal tissue, increase blood flow, and enhance vaginal health.

Fotona Gynae is a noninvasive procedure with no average recovery time. Typically, patients may resume their normal activities shortly following therapy.