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Miami peel

Miami peel

IPAL Clinic is glad to provide a selection of well-vetted skin care items often only available through doctors and other medical experts. In addition to discounted treatment packages and a referral program, we frequently host seasonal promotions and other special events for our patients.

The Miami Peel is an effective mild to moderate peeling formulation with salicylic acid (30%), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), green tea extract, and other antioxidants. It does a great job of sloughing off dead skin, reducing the look of pores, brightening and evening out skin tone, and stimulating new skin growth.

If you wish to reverse the effects of time and the sun on your skin and get back a more even tone and young complexion, then you should try the Miami Peel S-30 recipe.

Please contact IPAL Clinic through the contact form on this website if you are considering a Miami Peel.