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Yudn Candela is an adaptable and efficient fractional laser system for removing acne scars. Ydun is a fractional laser system that is portable, lightweight, and simple to operate. In these cases, superior clinical performance is essential. Most importantly, Ydun is a fractional laser system developed with the expectation of future laser advancements in mind.

IPAL Clinic has a cutting-edge and efficient Yudn Candela machine. Many different kinds of skin care procedures involve its utilization—the innovative SoftCool air conditioning feature and the ergonomic design help to ensure the patient’s comfort.

Benefits of using

Yudn Candela is beneficial to use for:

  • Texture Improvement Through Non-Surgical Skin Resurfacing
  • Rough Skin and Creases
  • Acne scars, also known as striate, are Acne Scars After Removal. Dermatological Procedures for Extraction, Resurfacing, and Revitalization
  • Promotes the skin’s innate capacity for repair
  • Generate Fresh, Healthy Cells.
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and dead skin.
  • Maximize Collagen Production

This innovative technology enables the user to independently control the pulse time and the pulse energy. This allows for complete control of the thermal impact that the laser has during the treatment process.

The revolutionary integrated Ellipse SoftCool system is also a part of this product. During treatment with a Yudn Candela laser, this System ensures that the patient will have less pain and a higher level of comfort. Visit IPAL to learn about your acne scar treatment needs