It is known as Phool berry in Urdu which means there is a loss of pigment.


It is not known.

How it look like?

These are white patches anywhere on the body.

Will the white patches spread?

There is no way to tell. May be or maybe not

How it is diagnosed clinically?

Woods lamp examination.

How it is Treated?

  • Topical treatments prescribed by the doctor.
  • Narrow hand UUB
  • It is an  amazing light which shows improvements in 1 month.

How frequently it is done?

  • 3 session’s ____ 1st week
  • 2 session’s ____ 4th week
  • 1 session ____ every week

Is it cost-effective?

Yes it is very cheap

Are there any side effects?

Not at all.

What precautions I have to follow?


Take shower before treatment to remove any scales are crust or we will give you protector goggles