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Vitiligo is a condition that affects the skin and causes it to lose its color, also known as its pigment. This makes your skin appear much lighter than its actual tone, or it completely changes color and becomes white. The areas of your skin that have lost their pigment are called macules if they are less than one centimeter broad, and they are referred to as patches if they are wider than one centimeter. If you have vitiligo on an area of your body that is covered by hair, the color of your hair may change to a whiter or grayer shade.

This disorder manifests itself when the melanocytes in your body are attacked and destroyed by your immune system. Melanocytes are the cells in the skin responsible for producing melanin, which gives skin color and pigmentation.

Who Offers Treatment for Vitiligo?

The following categories of medical professionals treat vitiligo:

  • Dermatologists are medical professionals trained to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the skin, hair, and nails.
  • Primary care physicians, such as general practitioners or internists, provide care at the most basic level.
  • Other specialists, such as ophthalmologists, may also provide care focusing on treating eye conditions.

IPAL’s vitiligo treatment options are safe and effective when administered by our knowledgeable dermatologists. We use innovative procedures and equipment to reduce the chance of complications, and we will give you comprehensive information regarding each treatment option’s risks and benefits.

Treatment at IPAL

At IPAL, we understand how challenging and unpleasant it can be to live with vitiligo. It is one of the top clinics which offers vitiligo treatment in Pakistan. There are medications and light-based therapies available to help restore skin color or even out skin tone, albeit with variable and unpredictable effects.

Hence, we provide modern vitiligo treatment alternatives to assist in lessening the look of vitiligo and restoring our patient’s confidence. If you have vitiligo, we urge you to book an appointment with one of our seasoned dermatologists. We will assess your skin condition during the appointment and discuss treatment choices based on your specific needs and objectives.