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HAI Restart treatment

IPAL Clinic is excited to announce the launch of a brand new hair restoration treatment called Fotona HAI Restart. This new therapy is a rapid, painless, and efficient solution for hair thinning and hair loss that is suitable for everyone, from those who need a little bit of a boost to their hair to those with balding patches.

HAI Restart provides a short series of non-invasive, painless treatments that produce visible results quickly. The therapy does not cause any damage to the natural hair, and as a result, your everyday activities, including work and life, will not be affected in any way. Benefit from results without the need for surgery or bleeding, without the need to worry about side effects, and with an efficiency of up to 95% or more!

How Does it Work?

The patented Fotona SMOOTH pulses are responsible for the method of action. These pulses transfer laser light to the tissue gently, stimulating the scalp in a way that is both safe and under control.

The capacity of Fotona SMOOTH to produce precisely tailored mild thermal pulses in a non-ablative manner is the distinctive and patentable feature that sets it apart from other similar products. This makes sure that the laser light is supplied to the tissue in a manner that is both gentle and effective, thereby heating the scalp in a way that is both controlled and safe during the pulsing process. Without causing considerable damage to the epidermis, the overall effect is a mild heating of the skin and the generation of growth factors.

Expectations and Results

Sessions can last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, averaging about half an hour. The technique is non-invasive, and it does not leave any telltale symptoms of treatment behind! The patient will feel a gentle warmth of the skin and hair, but this should not be uncomfortable. The appropriate aftercare, which is very simple to implement, will subsequently be recommended by our medical professionals.

It is possible that some patients could have a slight dryness over the treated area; however, this sensation will go away within one or two days, and patients will start to observe improvements within the first few months after treatment.

Of course, just like with any other treatment, the outcomes will differ from patient to patient.