Wrinkle Prevention & Treatment

Wrinkle Prevention & Treatment


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How to prevent wrinkles?

Take antioxidants, Q10 enzyme, wear sunscreens and original branded antiaging serums.

Dermatologists recommended brands

  • Intensive antiaging creams

Antiaging Balancing

  • Cleanser & Hydrating Serum
  • hyaluronic acid serums

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Start taking Rx at the age of 30.

Options for treating wrinkles


Scarlet Radiofrequency         


Mini PDO Threads

Excillis Elite.

Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX)

(Anti-wrinkle Injection)

It is a neurotoxic protein produced by a bacteria which is safe if injected in a muscle.

How does it work?

It prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine resulting in temporary paralysis of the injected muscle.

The Muscles will not contract along the overlying skin there preventing the skin from developing wrinkles & fine lines.

Is it Safe?

It is FDA approved & used for both medical & cosmetic purposes around the world for over 20 years with no known adverse effect.

Will I be able to move my face after the treatment?

Of course! The frozen look only caused when too much of the toxin is injected in one area.

Skin practitioners target small specific muscles only, this means normal facial expressions such as smiling, frowning ,etc. will be unaffected.

Can Botox really prevent antiaging?

If used regularly studies shown that Botox can Delay & prevent the signs of aging.

What area can be treated with Botox?

It is mainly used to treat the wrinkles of the face & neck. The most popular area is

– Forehead Wrinkles
– Crow’s Feet
– Glabellar lines (lines b/w eyebrows)
– Gummy smile.
– Face reshaping “V shape”

What happens after treatment

You can carry on with your day or normal immediately after leaving the clinic, it’s important to avoid anything strenuous for 24 hours like Gym & you also have to avoid face massage or any other laser R for at least 3 days.

Side Effects

Mild bruising can occur, which feds away in a few days.


We will book you in for a face checkup 1-2 weeks later so that the result of the Rx can be reviewed & retouching can be done if required.

What are mini thread?

Mini threads are made of polydioxanone an extremely material.

How does it work?

They make a mesh and produce collage.

How long does it last?

6-8 Months

Is it painful?

Minimal, (better with topical anesthesia).

How long does it take, I will be able to resume my daily activates?

  • 40-60 mins

Yes immediately after procedure.