Why come to us

Why come to us

We know that you may be nervous, may have been hesitant in seeking advice and it may even have taken you a period to decide to have a concern addressed.

Why we are special

We handle a diverse range of issues as here are certified dermatologists under one roof with apprehend of a Plastic surgeon.

You can easily contact us over chat, call, and WhatsApp. We reply promptly & to all queries.

We give off deals packages, every month (special discounts for regular patients).
We never compromise on quality standers & products in minimal rates.

The Skin clinic maintain a care to every patient and you can immensely benefit from a


We provide the highest level of aesthetic care

What sets our practice apart is our passion and our firm determination to provide the highest quality of aesthetic non-surgical and minimally invasive minor surgical care with unparalleled independent advice, skill and aftercare.

Highest level of Qualifications, Skill and Experience

Dr. Shehr Bano is a well known expert in the speciality of facial aesthetics and body contouring procedures for both men and women with great skill and extensive clinical experience.

Empathy to your wishes and needs

At your initial consultation we listen carefully to your concerns and your vision for enhancement and restoration. We take the time to understand your needs and then explain the options available to you with empathy and care.

Honest in the treatment expectation

We analyse your expectations respectfully and honestly, explain how we can help you, what exactly is involved in a chosen procedure, its aftercare and how it might affect your lifestyle. You can expect to be treated with honesty and privacy, comfortable in the knowledge that you are receiving top professional advice based on extensive experience and exceptional levels of qualification and skill.

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