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Skin Whitening Injections in Islamabad

Skin whitening injections, also known as skin lightening injections, are drugs that are injected into the skin to lighten the skin tone. These injections are also known as skin-lightening treatments. The normal formulation for these injections includes a number of different components, including glutathione, vitamin C, and hydroquinone, among others. The generation of melanin, the pigment that is responsible for the color of the skin, is slowed down as a result of its use.

Your skin tone can be affected by a variety of factors. There are a variety of potential causes, including inheritance, genetics, environmental influences, adverse reactions to medications, and so on. Because of this, it doesn’t matter what your reasons are; Dr. ShahrBano,  the best cosmetologist in Islamabad, is giving you therapy that yields the greatest possible results.

Are these Injections safe?

Yes, these injections are safe, which is why they have become a popular method for revitalizing the skin and restoring a young glow. The negative effects connected with glutathione injections make them a less-than-ideal option, despite the fact that their ability to rapidly renew and lighten the skin makes them seem appealing.

If you are deciding between injections and tablets, the truth is that injections are significantly more effective and long-lasting.

Do Glutathione Injections Help With Skin Brightening?

The liver produces glutathione as a naturally occurring chemical. This naturally occurring antioxidant is beneficial for a variety of bodily functions, including creating and repairing body tissues, neutralizing free radicals, boosting immunity, preventing cancer, slowing the aging process, etc.

The general agreement, based on several studies and research, is that the effects of glutathione injections on skin whitening are predominantly good. In order to retain the benefits of this injection, you must have booster doses in between. These boosters may come in the form of injections or glutathione tablets. When paired with other cosmetic treatments, such as laser skin lightening, the outcomes of this surgery will be more effective.

Common Side Effects of Whitening Injection?

Getting a dose of whitening injections might result in a variety of different adverse effects, just like any other cosmetic therapy that’s now available. The severity of the adverse effects is directly proportional to the dosage that is given to the patient. Because of this, you should get the whitening injection delivered by a skilled and experienced medical practitioner at IPAL so that you may avoid or lessen the severity of the adverse effects associated with receiving the injection.

It is possible for a patient to experience major adverse effects if the amount that is given to them is far larger than what is recommended, such as renal failure or blood poisoning. In addition to this, some of the additional adverse effects of Glutathione injections include the following, and they may manifest themselves if the quantity administered is 5 grams or more:

  • Skin irritation
  • Allergic reactions
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Breathing problem
  • Chest pain
  • Gain in weight
  • Thinning of the skin

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shahr Bano at IPAL Clinic if you would like additional information regarding the pricing of skin whitening injections, the process, the side effects, the number of sessions, and the results.