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The ULTRAFORMER III is an advanced, non-invasive ultrasound technology that lifts and tightens the face for a more youthful appearance and the body for leaner proportions. High-intensity focused ultrasound waves are powered transducers created with accuracy per shot pulse to either remodel collagen to eliminate facial wrinkles and drooping skin or tighten body tissues to reflect your potential.

No needles are used in this non-invasive fat removal technique. Ultraformer III is a device that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to remove adipose (fatty) tissue, enhance contouring, and stimulate skin regeneration.

IPAL’s medical-grade equipment for this treatment delivers ultrasound energy to precise tissue depths. This generates heat, which stimulates the breakdown of fat and promotes tissue remodeling in the body, thereby tightening and lifting sagging skin.

Ultraformer 3 treatment in islamabad

How Does it Work?

Targeting the subcutaneous fat layer, the treatment induces contraction and eliminates resistant fat cells. Targeted fat cells are transported through the lymphatic system and eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic processes.

The combination of skin tightening and targeted fat reduction will result in a v-shaped face that is more youthful.

You can specify your areas of concern during the in-depth pre-treatment assessment to tailor the therapy to your specific needs.

We provide efficient pain management to reduce patient suffering throughout treatment.

Ultraformer 3 can treat the eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, neck, and chest, as well as the hips, thighs, lower legs, arms, and abdomen.