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High Technology Hair Implant System


When an immediate aesthetic result is required. When patients ask for a soft surgery. To have a gradual thickening. For all types of male and female baldness. As integration with other hair restoration techniques.


Natural aesthetic result Painless outpatient surgery. Ease and rapidity of execution. Big quality of hair in a very short time. Safety for the patient. It allows an active and sporting lifestyle immediately after implant.

Good And Long Lasting Results

The lasting benefits of the Biofibre Hair Implant System are guaranteed by the following factors: Qualified medical doctor experienced in Biofibre implant. Suitable patient with good health and healthy scalp.Compliance with post-implant indications.


Extensive clinical trials and histological studies ensure that the Biofibre Hair Implant System is safe for the patient since: Biofibre is biocompatible. The keratin layer surrounding Biofibre protects the newly-formed follicle from external contamination. Biofibre can be completely extracted without leaving scare.

Biofibre In The World

BIOFIBRE HAIR implement system is exclusively performed in primary clinics specialized in dermatology, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine to always ensure optimal results to patients worldwide.

Automatic Biofiber Hair Implant

More than 20 years of clinical and scientific research allowed Medicap ltd to develop the exclusive Biofibre Hair Implant System a soft, simple, effective hair restoration technique that allows to quickly cover thinned or bald scalp areas, ensuring an immediate aesthetic results

High-quality Biofibre

Biofibre is our medical device for male and female hair restoration. Biofibre is approved for the implant by Certifications CE0373, TGA, and many others. Biofibre is biocompatible, high flexible and resistant. These characteristics ensure a safe and long-lasting implant.

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