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Juvederm Filler in Islamabad

The Juvederm is a product mostly used by cosmetic surgeons and developed by Allergan, a well-known medical aesthetic pharmaceutical company. The Juvederm fillers are mostly made up of hyaluronic acid which helps to maintain skin moisture, and elasticity and gives volume to your skin. The procedure involves injecting gel into the skin which adds volume to the skin tissue. The fillers are used for various concerned areas on the face such as the jawline, cheeks, mouth, eyes, and lips. In the field of aesthetic medicine, fillers have gained immense popularity because of their amazing results which make one look youthful.

Composition of Juvederm fillers

The Juvederm is a gel implant that is a combination of cross-linked hyaluronic acid that is made by streptococcus bacteria. Only 10% of the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is used in comparison to other fillers. It is formulated with a concentration of 20mg/ml with 3% of the drug lidocaine which is a numbing agent. The cross-linking process makes hyaluronic acid last long in the skin to resist degradation. The degree of crosslinking determines the texture of the gel fillers. This makes the treatment comfortable and there are low chances of swelling after injecting these fillers.

Benefits of Juvederm fillers

In the realm of aesthetic medicine, the Juvederm fillers are proven as a famous choice for enhancing natural beauty and gaining a youthful look. The Juvederm fillers gain most of their fame because of their versatility. A few benefits of Juvederm fillers are discussed below:

Slow down the process of aging

The Juvederm fillers offer much to you. These fillers slow down the process of aging and help you to achieve a youthful appearance. It reduces wrinkles caused by aging or environmental factors.

Facial volume restoration

With the process of aging, our skin becomes sagged and hollow due to loss of volume. The Juvederm fillers are a great way to achieve the lost volume of the skin and plump up the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Adds volume to cheeks

The Juvederm fillers help to add volume to the hollow cheeks. There is a special type of filler that is used to add volume to your cheeks named Voluma. It can be used to fill the hollow area of your cheeks or to redefine features.

Plump and smoothed lips

There is a special type of filler named Volbella used to plump lips and give you smooth lips. This filler helps to give volume to your lips. Volbella fillers are also used to give shape to your lips and last up to one year.

Fills changing Nasolabial folds

The vollure filler can be used to fill the changing areas of your Nasolabial folds. The volume is designed to fill the folds of the face and vanishes the fine lines around them.


One of the main reasons to choose Juvederm filler is that it is a non-surgical and painless procedure. Most of people can’t go for surgical treatments, for them it is the best choice. For removing wrinkles, and adding volume to the face, one can choose this procedure.

Consistent and long-term results

Most of the fillers lost their effectiveness over time and start to fade. Your skin absorbs the hyaluronic acid and the fillers may last for 1-2 years. The lifespan of the filler can also be increased. When you start taking this treatment, you will realize that your skin needs less amount of hyaluronic acid to look young.

Minimum impact on your daily life

There are a few treatments that require extreme care for maintenance. You will only require to avoid the sun, alcohol, sauna bath, and tanning for 48 hours.

Does not require downtime

To resume your life, you do not need to wait for too long such as in the case of facial surgeries. Most of the clients resume their work on the same day.

Less time taking

In most cases, the facial procedures are hectic and hassle and may take hours to get completed but using Juvederm facial filler will take only 20-40 minutes maximum.

Works quickly

One of the perks of using Juvederm filler is that it takes less time to work as compared to collagen-inducing fillers. The collagen injections take six months to show their effectiveness but it only takes two weeks.

Low-risk treatment

There are treatments in the aesthetic medicine industry that may cause harm to you. But when talking about Juvederm filler, they are worthy. It is experimentally proved, that these fillers are made up of natural substances, and due to the presence of hyaluronic acid in our bodies, they are risk-free.

Natural looking skin

Most of the results of using Juvederm filler come from your own body. The filler binds up with the water in your skin and gives you a natural look with hydrated skin.

Temporary side effects of Juvederm fillers

The Juvederm fillers do not have any potential harm but sometimes for some clients, the fillers may show side effects for a short time. Let’s discuss these temporary side effects.

  • After the treatment, the skin may show temporary bruising and swelling. It is common to have bruising and swelling at the injection site.
  • Some clients may be allergic to the content of fillers. So, it is important to go through the allergens properly.
  • The uneven distribution of the filler may cause lumps on the face. So, it is advised to visit a professional for the filler injections.
  • To maintain the effectiveness of results, you have to use filler after a specific period, mostly after six months or a year.

Juvederm fillers in Islamabad, Pakistan

Juvederm fillers are available in Pakistan and are famous among those seeking nonsurgical aesthetic treatments. The Juvederm fillers are approved by FDA in Pakistan. There is a range of medical aestheticians and clinics providing fruitful services all over Pakistan for treatment. It is crucial to choose a licensed and reputed clinic for Juvederm fillers. One of the most reputed aesthetic clinics in Islamabad is IPAL aesthetic clinic. There are trained professionals with years of experience. The clinic is visited by celebrities and personalities of Pakistan.

Juvederm fillers are an excellent option for those who desire a youthful appearance and silky skin without undergoing surgery or other treatments. Feel free to consult with us at the IPAL clinic in Islamabad if you wish to receive this treatment within a reasonable budget. We are here to provide a pleasant and unforgettable experience. We anticipate making your appearance precise and flawless.