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Features of Combination Skin

It is the most visible skin type in the 20s. Due to the imbalance of oil and moisture in the skin, it has the characteristics of both dry skin and oily skin. The pores on the forehead and nose with excessive sebum release are large (characteristic of oily skin). Tension is felt in the chin and cheeks. (Characteristic of dry skin)

Normal skin may also turn into combination skin from time to time due to the change of cosmetic products or seasonal changes.

It is difficult to maintain as different maintenance is required according to the region.

Usually, the T-zone is oily and the U-zone is normal or dry. But some of them have normal T-zone and extremely dry in another area. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to understand which area belongs to which skin type and to provide appropriate care according to the region.

For example, you have normal T-zone skin and dry skin on the other. But if you think of your skin as dry skin and use oily products, you will experience skin problems such as acne.

Combination Skin Care Routine

You need to balance the moisture and oil content of the skin by applying different care according to the region.

Try to keep it clean by removing sebum from the excessive oily area. Try to prevent wrinkles by moisturizing and retaining moisture around the cheeks and mouth, where tension is felt due to the dryness of the skin.

Mask application for mixed skin is also different. Clean the pores by applying a clay mask on the oily T-area and prevent the pores from widening. If the dry U area is, apply the night mask and provide moisture nutrition throughout the night.

01 Makeup Remover

It is difficult for a normal facial cleanser to remove thick waterproof makeup. First, remove your makeup with makeup remover. Gently massage. Clean your skin by dissolving impurities.

Gel-type makeup remover with plenty of moisture is suitable for cleansing oily T-zone and dry U-zone. It helps to balance the oil and moisture in the skin.

It can also be a light cleansing oil. It has moisturizing and acne removal properties. If you top it off with a facial cleanser, it’s okay to be slightly oily.


02 Facial Cleanser

When washing your face, try to remove excess sebum by paying more attention to the T-zone. On the other hand, make sure that the skin barrier that protects the moisture in the skin is not damaged by cleaning it gently. Foam type product is suitable for combination skin. Apply plenty of foams to clean the T-zone. U-zone, on the other hand, clean with little foam like rinsing with water.

03 Tonic

You can use a tonic to remove makeup residue and sebum left in the T-Zone after facial cleansing. The alcohol-containing tonic will help to balance the oil content in the skin by reducing sebum production. Apply with a cotton ball according to the skin texture.

04 Essence

Since there are different skin types according to the regions, it is recommended to use basic care products separately. If you want to care with a single product, apply essences produced for oily skin type. Products with low-fat content and light moisturizing properties are recommended.

05 Eye Cream

Since there are few oil glands around the eyes, it dries faster than the other area and accelerates the formation of fine wrinkles. You can prevent the formation of wrinkles and bruises under the eyes by creating a moisture barrier with an eye cream that moisturizes the skin.

06 Cream

Combination of skin also needs moisturizing. If enough moisture is not fed, the dead skin on the U area and cheeks swell. Apply more intensely to U-area and cheeks. Apply lightly in a thin layer on the T-zone.

07 Sun Cream

The most important product for every skin type is facial cleanser and sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen half an hour before going out.

08 Peeling

You can support daily care by applying it once a week. Apply more carefully to the T-zone with high oil release. Apply gently to the U-area and cheeks without stimulating the skin.

09 Clay Mask

Apply the clay mask on the T area 2-3 times a week. Support daily care by removing excess sebum.

10 Night Cream

We recommend that you use a night cream instead of a disposable face mask as different care needs to be provided according to the regions. Apply to dry U-area and cheeks. Apply lightly to the oily T-area as a thin layer. Try to balance the moisture and oil content of the fence by applying it 3-4 times a week.


11 Eye Patch

You can support daily care by applying an eye patch 2-3 times a week to remove and prevent fine wrinkles and under-eye bruises.

Limonian’s Tips

Makeup Remover  – Pongdang Donkey Milk Cleansing Foam

It is a foam-type makeup remover containing donkey milk similar to breast milk. It contains nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Provides moisturizing of the skin while removing makeup.

Facial Cleanser  – Redlips Goat Milk Moist up Foam Cleansing

It is a foam type of facial cleanser with goat milk extract containing high levels of calcium and vitamin A. With its superior moisturizing feature, it does not leave the skin feeling tight.

Tonic  – LaF Pore Corset Facial Toner

It is a tonic especially produced for pore care. Contains tea tree oil and BHA. It removes dead skins and balances sebum release. It tightens the enlarged pores.

Essence  – LaF Whitening Ampoule

It is a lightweight bleaching bulb. Contains betaine and adenosine. It is easily absorbed into the skin and moisturizes. Niacinamide and pearl extract prevent moisture loss by strengthening the skin barrier. It helps whiten the skin.

Eye Cream  – Sesamis Moisture Eye Cream

An eye cream that nourishes and moisturizes the skin, such as arnica (oxen), soy milk, and beta-glucan. It moisturizes the skin and retains the moisture in the skin. It helps to see less of fine wrinkles and remove dark circles under the eyes.

Cream  – Pax Moly Honey Radiant Glow Cream

It is a nourishing cream containing the honey extract. It strengthens the skin barrier and makes the skin lively and soft. It relaxes the stress-tired skin. It provides a healthy appearance by balancing the oil and moisture in the skin.

Sun Cream –  Seohwabi White Sun Protection Cream

Seowhabi White Sun Protection Cream is a sunscreen with SPF 50+ / PA +++. It provides protection of the skin from UV rays. It does not contain paraben. Contains herbal extracts that nourish the skin. Makes skin tone clear and radiant.

Peeling  – Dr. Mimi Vita Pumpkin Peel

It is a facial peeling gel with pumpkin extract containing 99% natural ingredients. Fermented pumpkin extract softens the hardened dead cells and makes them easier to clean. Contains beta carotene and various vitamins. It does not leave a feeling of tension after peeling.

Clay Mask  – Mud Pack Mini Pack Green Tea

It is a clay mask containing bentonite clay and green tea extract. It helps to remove dirt, blackheads, and white spots that accumulate in pores and do not clean easily. At the same time, it moisturizes the pores that dry aftercare and protects the moisture in the skin by creating a moisture barrier.

Night Cream  – LaF Pore Blur Sleeping Pack

It is a night mask containing collagen, hyaluronic acid, and Teatree extract. Creating a moisture barrier on the skin, it moisturizes the skin during the night. It helps balance the moisture and oil ratio in the skin.


Eye Patch  – Misoli Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch

It is a hydrogel type detention mask containing collagen and hyaluronic acid. It intensely nourishes the dry eye area and reduces wrinkle formation. It prevents moisture loss by creating a moisture barrier on the skin.

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