star walker laser treatment

Some skin issues like scars, freckles, melasma, and pigmentation influence those who are following a skincare routine. For the treatment of these skin conditions, Star Walker laser treatment is a great choice. The Star Walker laser has a new-generation technology that uses photoacoustic energy to treat hyperpigmentation and other skin concerns. The melanocytes are broken down due to vibrations, and they are carried out of the body through lymphatic drainage. The device works with precision without causing harm to the neighboring cells. A special titanium handpiece is attached for the controlled delivery of the waves. The Star Walker is a versatile treatment, and no other procedure can beat its effectiveness. The treatment is suitable for small and delicate parts of the skin. In this blog, we will discuss the star walker laser treatment in Islamabad and what are the benefits.

Introducing Star Walker Laser Treatment

The Star Walker laser is an advanced form of laser treatment to deal with skin problems. It is a hasty and smooth method to ameliorate the appearance of your skin. Like other lasers, it does not hurt the skin other than the target area and penetrates deep into the skin. The procedure is nifty for melasma, dark spots, sunburn, scars, and pigmentation. The photoacoustic waves are absorbed, and consequently, the melanocytes are fragmented into particles and decamp from the body through the lymphatic system. The small burst of energy targets the area while keeping the skin unscathed.

Benefits of Star Walker Laser Treatment

Starwalker laser treatment is an effective treatment for several skin problems. The treatment is non-invasive, which gives you a comfortable experience. The following are the benefits of the treatment:

  1. It helps to fade out melasma, such as dark spots and brown spots, because of extreme skin exposure to sun or bright light.
  2. Reduce the appearance of blood vessels on the face.
  3. The scars left after the inflammation are cured.
  4. The tattoo marks can easily be faded out with the help of this laser treatment.
  5. The ageing and lesions on the skin caused by melanin are treated.
  6. It also helps to reduce wrinkles and deep lines.
  7. The skin texture and tone are improved even after the first session.
  8. The skin is lifted as a result of the treatment.
  9. It is a faster treatment with less downtime.
  10. It is lower on the pain scale.

In brief, whatever skin-related issues you are facing, Star Walker will be a star in this aspect. It leaves you with a more radiant and young look. IPAL clinic offers the best Star Walker treatment with a team of experts.

The Procedure of Star Walker Laser Treatment

For people with sensitive skin, a numbing topical lotion or anesthesia is applied 20 minutes before the treatment to avoid pain. The program is selected according to the problem, and photoacoustic waves are delivered to the target area of the skin. A cooler is applied during the session to avoid inconvenience. The shocks created by waves break the cells. Then, these cells are moved out through the natural lymphatic system. Great precision and experience are required to perform this treatment. The micro pigments are targeted with short bursts after setting the frequency of the waves. It is advanced technology engineered by Fotona. The procedure has a short recovery time, and you can go back to your routine after a few hours.

Number of sessions required

The number of sessions required depends upon the skin problem and its severity. But on average, 4-5 sessions are enough for the face and 8 for the body in a lapse of four weeks. The number of sessions can also be continued until you get the desired results.

Side effects

Although the star walker laser treatment is non-invasive, it may have some timely side effects that will go on its own after a while. These side effects include the following:

  • Acne
  • Burns
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Rashes and itchy skin

All of these are temporary side effects that are mostly caused by the sensitive skin or inexperience of the doctor. So, it’s important to contact an expert dermatologist for the treatment to avoid any potential harm.


How long does it take?

The time for the treatment depends upon the area to be treated. The average time for spots is 10-15 minutes, and 15-20 minutes extra for scars.

Is the process painful?

The process is not at all painful. Just little pricks can be felt on the skin.

What is recovery time?

The patient can go to work after a few hours. But it is suggested to avoid sunlight.

Is there any side effect?

There are some mild side effects, such as redness, rashes, and inflammation.

What are the results of a star walker?

Much clearer, radiant, and spot-free skin can be achieved with the Star Walker laser treatment.

Who can get this treatment?

The star walker laser treatment is suitable for all types of skin.

Who can not get it?

A person with an infection or active acne, pregnant women, or people with systematic isotretinoin.


For multiple skin conditions, which include melasma, dark spots, brown spots, scars, and sagged skin, the Star Walker Laser treatment is an ideal procedure. The procedure is recommended for people above age 18 with different skin types and tones. One thing that is worth mentioning is that the treatment is not permanent and can be done again once results disappear. The cost of the treatment depends on the area to be treated and the depth of the problem.