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Our adipose tissues are our own, ready, and live filling materials. Very useful components to improve the aesthetic appearance in subcutaneous fat tissue loss due to aging and weakening. Moreover, it is possible to use it not only for the deficiency of adipose tissue, but also to fill the deficiency in many tissues for aesthetic purposes. For example, lip plumping, clarifying the chin, filling the bone pits on the forehead.

Fat cells have been used in the field of plastic surgery for over 100 years. Various devices have been developed to increase the success of fat cell transfers. The basic principle in these devices is to remove fat cells without being traumatized and to transfer them without losing their vitality. Developed devices alone are not enough. It is also important that the fat cells are injected into the right areas and in the right amounts without being traumatized with the right techniques.

Despite many studies and procedures to increase efficiency, the success of fat injection is still very variable. Because, apart from the way of obtaining fat cells and performing the transfer well, the post-treatment care of the transferred area and the general characteristics of the area also affect the success. For example, while oil injection is quite successful in appropriate cases in the under-eye area, the success of lip oil injection can be quite short. Of course, this may also affect the properties of the person’s tissues. Success is higher in young people and non-smokers. As a result, the success of the fat injection is best evaluated and interpreted by the skin doctor who performs the procedure in the light of his experiences. 

My own experiences to increase success,

1. If fat injection for breast augmentation is to be made, at least 300 cc of fat cells should be transferred to each breast for a good result. To achieve this, you must have enough fat tissue to provide this.

2. For butt enlargement and shaping, at least 400 cc of fat cell transfer is required for each butt half.

3. In order to achieve good results in the lip area, the red part of the lip tissue should be evident, that is, there should not be a very thin lip.

4. If fat injection is to be made to shape the chin, the chin should not be too far behind and too small.

5. If fat injection is to be made to the face above the age of 55, a combination with lower and upper eyelid aesthetics and facelift if necessary is required for good results.

6. After the oil injection procedure, the area should be kept clean, no smoking for at least 1 week, and no pressure on the injection area. Regular use of medical materials such as corsets and bras that are worn for shaping after injection is required.

7. After fat injection, activities that will cause sudden changes in weight such as extreme sports and diet should be avoided.

8. Fat injection for lower leg curvature requires at least 150 cc of fat injection. It should not be forgotten that a second session may be required, as the lower leg is a very mobile area.

9. The thinness of the tissues around the fat injection area increases the visibility of the fat injection. For example, the removal of fat from the waist and hips for the buttocks and the removal of the upper abdomen for the breast positively affect the results.

10. At least 100 cc of fat injection is required to correct the tissue loss in the facial area. This amount is highly affected by face size, gender, and bone structure. Most people who get facial fat injections are very thin. It is difficult to get enough fat from these people.

As a result; Fat injection procedures performed by an experienced physician with the correct diagnosis and selection of suitable candidates are very promising. What is written above is general information. The procedures and possible results are personal. We can decide what we can do for you after seeing you. 

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