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Here is a list of simple smart beauty tips that simplify everyday life for you. Everything from how to fuller hair, smoother skin, fuller lashes and much more. Hope you find some good beauty tips you never knew about skin care.

List of 40 inspiring Beauty Tips is as follow:

Tried to sit straight

Tilt your head when you read or work at a computer, it is easier to create a second chin and wrinkles form on the neck.

Do not rub with the palms of your hands

When you are tired or sewing, you rub your eyes or the whole face lightly reflexively. In this way, you accelerate the formation of wrinkles and so-called bags under the eyes.

Try not to underestimate advice

Sometimes it can be worthwhile to go to a beauty salon and get advice on which products are suitable for your skin. Using the wrong products for your skin can lead to expensive costly wrong purchases of products that do not work.

Eat Omega 3

Omega 3 fat is the best thing you can eat to get perfect skin and hair. Beauty comes from within, which is true in so many ways.

Buy home Cosmeceuticals skin care

Which gives noticeable and visible results on the skin. These are products that can with clinical studies show that they have products that have been proven to have an effect on the skin structure. Cosmeceuticals skin care.

Choosing lip balm

Look at the table of contents before you buy, look for ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, almond oil & vitamine. Both moisturizing and protects against contamination.

Try a chemical peel for home use

Get rid of dead skin and get more value from your skin care which will be better absorbed. Read about The best chemical peels for home use.

Get the most out of your creams – cleanse the skin

Remember that even the best face creams lose effect if the skin is not cleansed properly.

Do not forget about toner

This step skips many, but the fact is that toner removes lime & residue from the cleanser. It restores the skin’s PH balance because the water has a drying effect on the skin.

Use the right skin cream for your skin type

To get the right balance in the skin, it is important to use creams that suit your skin type.

Use serum

Start with a Galvanic facial treatment machine for home use, finally you can get serum deeper under the skin surface and get a more radiant complexion! As a spa fixed at home!

Sheet Mask – Beauty Tips

Do you want a moisture bomb buy a sheet mask, I love them! You can see visible results immediately!

Do not start using Anti-age products too soon

This is one of the most common misconceptions about skin care. If you start using Anti-age too early, you make the skin work too much & can create the opposite result that the wrinkles are visible earlier! Scary!

At the first signs of age

Then you should start thinking about anti-age products. Always use day and night cream.

To get fuller lips

Apply a lighter lip gloss in the middle of the lips for a fuller feeling, dab a light concealer just above the cupid’s arch.

Do not paint the nails out to the edge anyway

If you want a more elegant cover of narrow nails, do not paint the nail the full width!

Bend the lashes with the lash bender

By starting the lashes in 3 steps, one at the bottom, one in the middle & one towards the tops, you create a harmonious bend. Curve on the lashes!

Apply the concealer in a triangular shape

This way you get an instant mini lift immediately.

Choose nail polish that is long-lasting Invest

in buying long-lasting nail polish, it costs a little more but it will reduce the stress of having to paint if the nails were forever.

Dry shampoo

If you do not have time to wash your hair, run in a little dry shampoo in your hair, you can manage an extra day!

Get brighter eyes

Apply a vanilla yellow shade on eyeliner that neutralizes red tones just below the lash line. It makes you immediately look fresh & alert.

Highlighter in the corner of the eye

Use a highlighter or a shimmery eye shadow closest to the inner corner of the eye to open up the eye!

Dry the hair correctly

Do not tangle the hair with the towel it wears on the hair, rather squeeze out the water with the towel. A must is to test a micro towel!

Durable party hairstyle

Your party hairstyle lasts best if you do it on semi-dirty hair, so invest in washing your hair the day before instead of the same day.

Maximize the hair wrap

Your wrap will do double benefit if it is allowed to ache in your hair under a warm towel. Feel free to wear a bathing cap over your hair and go al in.

Protect your hair

Your hair is brittle, always use heat protection when working with styling tools such as hair dryers, straighteners, etc. Keep in mind that a straightener has a heat of over 180 degrees.

Sun = worn hair most often

Do you like to be in the sun a lot and travel abroad to warmer latitudes? Do not forget to use sunscreen for your hair. It’s not fun to have to cut your hair because it’s worn!

Proper diet = strong hair

A dry, dull and worn hair testifies to a sloppy diet and too little sleep. If you want shiny and strong hair, it is important to be healthy. The intake of folic acid & B vitamins is of great importance for the quality of the hair. But also Silica, which is found naturally in salads.

Dry skin in front of the computer

Having a face spray on your desk is easily accessible so you can moisturize your face regularly. A wonderful and quick refresh in a second!

Sauna scrub

Once you have a sauna, take the opportunity to scrub your body and face to get an extra good result. Use a body scrub for the body that you rinse off in the shower. Gently scrub your face with a soft skin, fluffy towel. Rinse and moisturize the new fresh skin.

Invest in high quality – Beauty Tips

perfume A fine perfume costs, invest in buying high quality perfume. Here you will find the best men’s perfumes

Organize your beauty products in toiletries

Stop looking, here are nice and practical toiletries.