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There are many different categories and divisions. Chung-Ang University’s thesis (consumer awareness of cleansing methods and cleanser usage and side effects by skin type). For reference, I will tell you how to care for each skin type and skin problem.

Everyone’s romantic normal skin’ type

Normal skin is smooth and moist! In a word, it refers to a type with porcelain skin. It has a pale pink color due to proper sweat and sebum secretion and smooth blood circulation. In the case of normal skin, the type may change depending on environmental factors, so if you consistently manage it with basic skincare methods, you can keep your beautiful skin for a long time.

Features of normal skin

The problem does not come off well with the proper amount of sebum secretion. The pores are not noticeably large. The stratum corneum layer is suitable for about 20 layers. It has the characteristics of a little oily skin type in summer and a dry skin type in winter. Also! The fact that it is a skin type that expresses makeup really well.

How to care for normal skin

Everything is perfectly normal skin! But without constant care, your skin type can change. Normal skin should be refreshed in summer while maintaining the oil and moisture balance, and full oil and moisture recharge in winter. Deep cleansing is done twice a week so that sebum secretion works smoothly.  In addition, since there are no other problems, it is easy to neglect skincare, but the most important thing to be aware of cleansing’! If you practice the process of washing your face with mildly acidic soap in the morning or using a cleanser according to your makeup in the evening and washing it off with lukewarm water and finishing with cold water, you can keep your skin as good as a celebrity.

A’dry skin’ type that lives with dryness

Compared with normal skin, the skin surface is dry due to a lack of moisture and sebum, and the skin is very tight and rough. It’s dry, so it doesn’t look shiny.  Because the pores are delicate, fine wrinkles and makeup lift are more severe than other skin types.

Characteristics of dry skin

We know that the skin epidermis is thin, it is sensitive to the external factors of the environment For dry skin, sebum is normal, but due to lack of moisture, it can be divided into dry and rough type, lack of moisture, and dry type due to lack of sebum. Dry skin also has to pay special attention to cleansing. You should avoid excessive moisture loss due to cleansing, and use a cream with a high moisturizing effect to keep the skin surface moist.

How to care for dry skin

For dry skin, it’s good to take care of the day and night separately. During the day, after washing your face with a non-irritating cleanser, apply a toner containing moisturizing ingredients on a cotton ball and dry it evenly. Afterward, apply lotion or moisture-type cream and wait for it to soak before starting makeup! At night, wipe off the eye makeup with an oil-free remover. After all, lightly massage with a non-irritating cleanser and wash your face 15 to 20 times with lukewarm water! After waiting until you feel dry, apply night cream evenly, massage, and sleep enough for 8 hours to get insufficient sebum and moisture.

Dry skin TIP

Dry skin has more dead skin cells than other skin types, so the skin looks dull and smudged. Scrub once a week to revitalize blood circulation and brighten your skin! A very fine powder scrub is recommended.  Also, it is better not to use a peel-off mask, and to use a water-rinse form.

‘Oily skin’ type with active sebum secretion

Many skin types for young people these days! Oily skin is a type that secretes excessive sebum due to its active oil and sweat glands compared to normal skin. Therefore, there are many cases where the skin becomes shiny or the makeup is easily removed, and the makeup becomes dull over time. Among various skin types, the type with the most acne, pimples, and troubles. That is why the pores are wide and the skin looks thick.

Features of oily skin

The skin is thick and rough, and the pores are wide. The secretion of sebum is active, so it looks shiny. Including things that look dull because the makeup is well removed from the oil that has risen! Also, the type that is very prone to acne and troubles! However, it has the advantage that fine lines do not appear well compared to other skin types.

How to care for oily skin

Since sebum secretion is active, the oil often rises, so it is good to wash your face frequently. Deep cleansing face wash 4 times a week is BEST! Dust can stick around the sebum, which can easily accumulate on your face. It can prevent acne and troubles.  Also, thorough double cleansing is essential when washing your face! The point is to wash your face thoroughly even on days without makeup, and thoroughly wash away the oily residue in your pores. When washing your face, you need to wash off the sebum with warm water so that the pores can be sufficiently opened. If you can’t wash it off cleanly, it will clog pores and cause acne or trouble. Contact for best skin specialist in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Oily skin TIP

It is good to apply steam for about 2 minutes when exfoliating. Most homes do not have a machine that can steam, so it is recommended to moisten a towel with water and place it in a microwave and place it on your face to open the pores. White or brown sugar packs are effective.  When applying a pack, avoid sensitive areas with acne and troubles~

‘Combination skin’ that combines normal, dry, and oily skin

Combination skin has normal, dry, and oily skin characteristics. It can be said that oil and moisture are unbalanced. Complex skin has two types. If the T zone of the forehead, nose, and chin are normal and dry otherwise, the complex partial dry and the U zone are normal, while the T zone is classified as complex partial oily. Changes in makeup or climate change can turn it into a temporary phenomenon.

Combination skin features

In the case of complex partial dryness, the T zone is normal while the other areas are dry. It is easy to cause rashes or troubles by applying oily products because you think you are dry. Complex partial oily skin has an oily surface, but it is easy to get rough or cause skin troubles because it lacks both sebum and moisture. Therefore, in the T-zone, where there is a lot of shine, you need to do skincare that provides moisture to the skin around the eyes and mouth that are prone to roughness while removing oil.

How to care for complex skin

It is recommended to keep the T zone area free of grease. Soaps are recommended with strong degreasing power. Also, avoid products containing ingredients that clog pores! Adequate moisture and oil supply are important, so pack twice. Dry cleansing pack with strong exfoliating function in T zone, where there is a lot of sebum secretion, and nutrition pack for loose cheeks is good. And when you go out, apply sunscreen that doesn’t cause acne!

Sensitive skin type, the terminator of sensitive boss

Sensitive skin refers to a skin type that causes an allergic reaction even to a slight irritation that has no reaction to other skin types. The reason that healthy skin turns into sensitive is that the skin is exposed to numerous stimuli such as pollution, stress, UV rays in life, severe climate change, and poor food intake. Sensitive skin is congenital that can feel a lot of irritation because the skin epidermis is thin, and there are acquired causes caused by incorrect skincare or incorrect intake of food.

Features of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by itchy skin, tingling, burning, dead skin cells, rashes, and rough skin expression. However, many people believe that it is not sensitive skin. We prepared a sensitive skin test based on the thesis! If you have experienced two or more, it is close to the case of sensitive skin.

Test sensitive skin
• Even with mild cosmetics, it becomes hot and red.
• If you change cosmetics, troubles arise and last a long time.
• There was a problem with the shoulder straps and waist straps touching the body.
• If you put on makeup and fall asleep, you will have a serious problem the next day. (Excluding one or two pimples)

How to care for sensitive skin

The most important thing is to cleanly remove waste products from your skin. Dissolve wastes as if gently massaged with a natural, mild cleanser. And it is good to avoid sudden changes in the external environment such as ultraviolet rays, temperature, humidity, etc. However, since humans can be exposed to UV rays and cannot maintain the temperature continuously, it is essential to control the humidity by applying natural sunscreen, spraying mist, or installing a humidifier as much as possible! Sensitive skin is a type that is not a congenital type or a type that changes acquired by the external environment. That’s why it’s good to eat a well-balanced diet and use special irritant cosmetics.

Sensitive skin TIP

Use a sensitive face wash to create a foam with your palms, then wash your face. In the skin preparation stage, it is good to apply a gentle skin or toner as if sprinkling lightly or to wipe it off with a cotton pad. However, in the case of sensitive skin that reacts sensitively to small stimuli, you can feel the irritation from the worn part of the cotton pad, so take it off on your hands and apply it lightly. You can feel the irritation in the process of applying it on the skin, so it is a point to repeat the pressing motion 5 to 10 times!!

Today, together with Hwang Ji Soo Cosmetics, we looked at how to care for each skin type. We hope that you will be able to change your skin to a little more by reading the above information, and we will come back with good information.

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