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Excessive sweating may appear on many people in the summer and is due to various reasons .. Learn about those causes and how to treat sweating with natural recipes.

Sweating is one of the health things that happen to a person, and this is to regulate the body temperature and get rid of excess toxins through the skin, but when suffering from excessive sweating, this may be due to a medical condition he is going through, which is due to many different reasons, and below we learn about the causes of sweating sudden severe sweating or during sleep, and we also look at natural remedies for sweating. For excessive sweating, treatment visits the best skin specialist in Islamabad Dr. Sheher Bano.

Causes of excessive sweating:

  • A person may experience excessive sweating due to an increase in the proportion of hormones in the body, which are secreted by the thyroid gland.
  • Exposure to diseases, which are related to the endocrine system in the body.
  • Exerting more muscle and mental effort than a person can endure, which causes him to become very sweating.
  • “Exposure to various mental disorders such as anxiety, tension, and others, which causes sweating”, according to a top dermatologist in Islamabad.
  • Women may experience intense sweating during the menstrual cycle, and this is due to hormonal disorders, and women are exposed to intense sweating during menopause, which results from permanently interrupting the menstrual cycle.

Causes of sudden severe sweating:

  • A decrease in blood pressure.
  • Being obese.
  • Various psychological pressures.
  • Low blood sugar level.
  • Infection with a chronic disease, including liver disease.
  • Dysfunction in the pancreas, which leads to a significant increase in the secretion of the hormone insulin, which exposes the person to sudden sweating.
  • Heavy sweating may be a side effect of certain types of medication.


Causes of sweating during sleep:

  • Upon reaching menopause, women experience intense sweating, especially during sleep, and this is due to menopause.
  • Exposure to types of infections that cause sweating during sleep, including tuberculosis, in addition to bacterial infections.
  • Lymphoma and leukemia, which increases the rate of sweating during sleep.
  • Taking antidepressant medications causes sweating during sleep.

Treatment of excessive sweating with natural recipes:



Boiling sage and eating it helps reduce sweating that affects humans, and this is because it helps reduce the number of thyroid glands and helps to control their activity.

Apple cider vinegar:


The areas affected by sweating are wiped daily with apple cider vinegar, which helps reduce heavy sweating, as it helps control the pH in the body

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