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It may not be acne that is the biggest concern for some, but rather the scars it leaves that spread on the face, changing its features and shape, especially if it is permanent and deep, which makes it visible and affects the general appearance.

This topic is no longer an obsession anymore, as therapeutic methods have developed and the elimination of this problem has become possible, in light of the techniques used in facial plastic surgery in general, and in the specialty of removing facial scars and treating deformities, as they are used in the treatment of acne scars and eliminating the effects resulting from it.

The matter is not arbitrary or according to the desire, rather it is related to the skin specialist doctor, he is the one who knows the case and is most appropriate for it, he looks at many things before starting the appropriate procedure, starting from the type of scar through its severity and the degree of its depth, the level of spread, the type of skin, the medical history of the patient, the age group and the treatment regimen Which the patient follows, so that there is no conflict between the treatment and the medications he is taking.

Today is no longer the same as yesterday, in the past, it was very difficult to heal these scars and remove their negative effects on the face, but today, in light of contemporary technologies, it has become possible, through lasers and cooling technology, it is easy for everyone regardless of the severity of the scars and the extent of deterioration.

1. Laser technology The best type of rapid treatment for acne scars is a laser, as it is the most widespread method in the world, its success rates are almost 98%, in addition to being safe, it works to remove superficial and deep facial scars through the same procedure that relies on shedding fine laser beams on the skin And pass it on the affected areas.

If the treatment is for pimple scars, the laser beam peels off the upper layer of the skin, which allows the removal of crusts and superficial scars immediately, and for deep scars, the thermal energy resulting from the penetration of the laser beams into the lower layers of the skin stimulates the dermis layer to produce collagen compounds. It leads to the regeneration of damaged cells and the re-filling of cavities and pits. The treatment needs a few sessions, according to the doctor’s discretion, but it is not a lot, it may not exceed 4, and we will notice the difference immediately after the first session in the simple scars, but the deep ones need time.

2. Secret technique There is another technique called Secret RF, which depends on very fine needles that penetrate into the skin at different depths, ranging from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm according to the case. These needles emit radiofrequency waves in the lower layers of the skin, and then they are generated. Heat energy is sufficient to cause an immediate contraction of the muscular membrane, which causes a reduction in the gaps between the pores and thus filling the cavities of the skin, thus concealing wrinkles and scars.

In addition to what has happened, the thermal coagulation resulting from the frequency waves helps in stimulating the cells to re-produce collagen, and this improves the health of the skin and restores its youthfulness again. This technique is characterized by its very precise needles, which reduces the impact of shocks on non-affected areas, and the treatment with it is a solution for all skin problems, and it is suitable for all types of skin, even sensitive, and its results appear immediately after the first session, but if side effects appear, they are not comparable with other technologies.

3 – Filler injection One of the methods also used to treat scars is filler injection, in addition to its other specialties, such as removing the effects of aging, as it works to fill the skin tissue with a cream material such as a polymer or animal collagen, and in the event of fullness, this leads to skin tightening and the disappearance of wrinkles, as for the scars The filler fills the deep spaces that resulted from the blisters and returns them to the normal level. It is taken for the filler that its results are not permanent, even if they are quick, so the patient needs to repeat the injection to preserve them, and it is limited to simple superficial scars, and it may result in some temporary side effects such as swelling and bruising, and the worse is that if anything happens during the injection, it may lead to this. It leads to permanent deformation of the face.

4. Sanding is also one of the treatments used to treat acne scars. Emery is the most popular and used. It treats scars through two different methods, namely: superficial sanding and fine sanding, and each of them has a special method determined by the skin specialist.

DERMABRASION surface sanding is done through the use of a device that is a mechanical brush, which fixes the brush head on the affected areas, and moves in very rapid cycles, which leads to scraping the upper layers of the skin, polishing, smoothing, and removing the scars on it. But this method is only used for simple and moderate cases, it removes surface effects only, as for the deep ones, no, and it may lead to a change in the color of the skin, especially if its color is dark.

As for the second technique, or the second type of sanding, it is microdermabrasion or microdermabrasion, which is the most advanced, and it takes place in two stages and two different devices, the first: the first device is shed on the affected areas where scars are spread, then it strikes the surface of the skin with a group of fine crystal granules, and the second stage The other device’s role is to suction the crystal granules that come out with the damaged skin tissue, which re-refines the skin and hides the scars. This technique has distinctive results and hides scars, but its results are not the same with large and deep scars, and getting rid of scars completely requires many sessions.

5. Cosmetics Some people do not want all of the above, but rather resort to cosmetics and skin care to remove scars, but this is not effective except in simple cases only, as for the deep ones, not, there are topical creams that can be used for this purpose that contain high levels of nutrients for the skin that works on Stimulate collagen production, resulting in skin re-luster and naturally filling in deep spaces.

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