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Natural hair transplantation is a method in which natural hair is transferred from sections with thick hair to sections with less hair by a high density hair transplant specialist along with a specialized medical team. During this process, the doctor moves the hairs from the back of the head or sides to the front of the head. In natural hair transplantation, the hair of the head or body is removed and placed in the balding area. In this process, in general, complications such as transplant rejection do not occur because the transplanted follicles are harvested from the person’s head or body and transplanted.

There are different methods for natural hair transplantation, and each has its advantages and disadvantages, and the specialist doctor determines a suitable method for you. People’s lifestyles have created conditions for hair loss that are easier than before. But those who choose natural hair transplantation when faced with this incident will enjoy natural results.

There are many temporary ways to prevent hair loss, but natural hair transplantation is a permanent method and can maintain favorable results on people’s heads forever. It has no special complications and the candidate’s health will not suffer various injuries. Everything happens in this process in several hours, then the wait begins to face the final stage of the results of hair transplantation . After completing the results you will enjoy beautiful, natural hair again. The hair is stronger and more durable than your original

How is natural hair transplantation performed?

These days, hair transplantation methods are used to get rid of baldness and thinning hair caused by hair loss and related to various factors. For peace of mind and accuracy of what to do and what not to do, it is best to know all about hair transplantation before proceeding. Each of these methods is selected according to the opinion of the doctor and with the necessary examinations. As it was said to make the final decision it is better to conduct the necessary studies on the most important points of hair transplantation

Are you a suitable candidate for a hair transplant procedure?

Hair transplantation should only be performed on suitable candidates who meet the health and technical conditions and standards. This evaluation takes place during an initial consultation with a hair restoration expert. In order to be a good candidate, five basic criteria must be met:

  • Diagnosis of androgenetic alopecia or any other condition amenable to hair restoration by surgical methods.
  • Investigate previous medical treatments for hair restoration.
  • Significant hair loss, which affects the aesthetic appearance.
  • Having enough hair in the donor area to meet current and future needs.
  • Realistic expectations of what can be done during the hair transplant operation.
  • Young patients should not consider surgery as a way to prevent hair loss, as it does not block the hormones that cause androgenetic alopecia. Alternatively, hair transplant surgery is a restorative treatment to improve your appearance if other methods are unsuccessful or cannot be used. Finally, we must remind you that hair transplantation is the only and permanent way to restore hair with high efficiency and that lasts for the rest of the life.

Why hair transplant in Pakistan?

Unfortunately, hair loss can occur due to various factors such as age, and there is this possibility for most men or reaching a special age. The good news about this topic is that there are many ways to treat baldness and hair loss, including hair transplantation .

Natural hair transplantation is a method in which hair follicles are removed from a part of the body called the source site and then transferred to the bald part called the recipient area. Most men use this natural method of hair transplantation . According to a 2013 report, more than 71 percent of those who have undergone this procedure are men.

Obviously, other transplants are especially for women. In the past, most women preferred to use synthetic hair or a wig after hair loss. Natural hair transplantation will bring you closer to your reasonable desire. However, Permanent methods, such as natural hair transplantation , have gradually replaced temporary methods of combating hair loss.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Pakistan

Natural Hair transplant costs from PKR 1,00,000 to PKR 4,00,000 in Pakistan. The cost varies from person to person, depending upon different factors. These are the calculated rates compiled after a survey of the natural hair transplant centers in Islamabad.

When do patients see results from a hair transplant?

After 4-5 days of the operation, the hair in the transplanted area begins to fall out, and this continues for 2-3 months. After that, new permanent hair growth begins. In conclusion, after 2-3 months, you will gradually start to see results, but when it comes to the final result, you have to wait 12-15 months. But don’t worry, it’s worth the wait.

List of best hair transplant centers in Islamabad Pakistan

Following are the best hair transplant centers in Islamabad

  • IPAL skin care clinic F-8
  • Hair Club Pakistan
  • Royal Cosmetic Surgery
  • Elite Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant
  • Medicare Hospital
  • Chinar International Hospital
  • slamabad Skin & Hair Institute
  • International Laser Hair Transplant Surgery Center (ILHT)
  • Ali Medical Centre
  • Global Polyclinic

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