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For many decades, hair loss has been a problem that haunts many. Firstly because it threatens the aesthetic appearance of the human being, whether man or woman,. Secondly, because it may predict the existence of a health problem in non-genetic cases. However, the good news for those who suffer from this problem is that they no longer have to bear its bad psychological and formal effects; In recent years, more than one successful technique for hair transplantation and the treatment of pathological hair loss has been available. Especially non surgical hair transplant.

Who are the candidates for a hair transplant without surgery?

Non-surgical hair transplant is suitable for both men and women.Provide that they are over 30 years old and enjoy good health. The areas of hair loss they have or areas of baldness are fixed and specific. The more healthy and abundant hair in the back and side places is, the more this helps in the success of the transplant. And get the original natural look of hair.

Advantages of hair transplant without surgery

Hair transplantation without surgery spares the patient the known side effects and potential risks of surgery; Such as bleeding, swelling, severe pain and the occurrence of scars. Hair transplant surgery may require medical care and follow-up for a period after its procedure. It is expensive compared to non-surgical alternatives, in addition to the fact that surgery does not treat the pathological causes behind hair loss and does not focus on them. Unlike most non-surgical alternatives. In transplantation and treatment of hair loss.

Before the hair transplant operation without surgery

A plastic surgeon who specializes in non-surgical hair transplantation will receive you for a visit before the day of the transplant procedure; In this visit, the doctor checks the condition of your hair, its density and the areas targeted for transplantation. He may also ask you to perform some tests to find out the cause of the loss and try to treat it in conjunction with hair transplantation without surgery. In general, this visit will be fruitful in understanding your goals and results that you want to reach in the hair transplant process surgery .

How to transplant hair without surgery

Hair transplant without surgery is a simple operation. It leaves the patient ‘s hospital on the same day, and takes between four to six hours on average. This depending on the amount of hair to be grown and the skill of cosmetics doctor, and the latest methods of hair transplant without surgery. It achieved remarkable success in recent technology FUE Or the Neografting method. In this,the doctor works to anesthetize the patient locally and then begins to gently suction the bulb without bending it from the back and side places of the head where there is a lot of hair.

It implants in the targeted places, and a bulb attaches to it. It reaches the desired result. The number of follicles require and the original shape of the hair. This mechanism is the basic idea on which the hair transplantation process without surgery basis. But the tools use to extract and re-implant the follicle differ from one technique to another, for example:

The (DHI) technique or direct hair transplantation, the doctor uses Choi pens, which is a small pen that carries a very fine hollow needle at the end that picks up the hair follicle lightly and accurately. Installs it in the desired place at high speed without causing wounds. Sapphire stone with fine sharp blades in making the necessary incisions for hair transplantation without causing pollution or infections as it has anti-bacterial properties.

After hair transplant without surgery

After a hair transplant without surgery, some minor swelling may occur. You may feel itching and the appearance of crusts in the scalp. These symptoms are normal and do not cause concern and will not affect the result of transplantation,.Oten these symptoms will disappear within a week, and some or all of the transplanted hairs may fall out. during the first two weeks after the operation;

It is also normal, but rather an indicator of the success of transplantation and the beginning of the hair’s natural cycle. New hair growth will begin within three months, and growth will  complete after twelve months at most.

Other non-surgical alternatives for hair treatment

1- Low level laser therapy

The life cycle of the hair divides into two phases, the first is the Anagen phase and the second is the Demolition phase. With the balance of the two phases, the rate of hair growth will be healthy and stable. In the case of hair lossIn patients, the rate of entry of the hair into the catabolic phase is faster than the construction phase; Which leads to excessive hair loss, hair weakness and thinning, and when the hair follicles epose to low-level laser beams,

it was found that the construction period became longer, the demolition period shortened. The rate of hair growth and thickness increased during the construction period. So low-level laser treatment is one of the latest promising methods for treating hair loss Hair without surgery.

But the mechanism of its work has not been precisely determined. And scientists are likely that the reason may be the activation of cell mitochondria directly through radiation. Or the opening of potassium channels that help stimulate cell growth. And one of its best advantages is that you will not have to go to the doctor every

Once to follow up on the laser activation sessions; The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of a laser comb or helmet. It fires low-level laser beams, and is completely safe for use at home.

2- Medication therapy

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Minoxidil and Finasteride as effective medicines in treating hair loss and re-growth. So how do they work?

Drug minoxidil ( Minoxidil ): the beginning of the discovery. Its use was as a treatment for some heart disease, ulcers, enlarged prostate. And accidentally showing an increase in the growth of the body generally felt both sides of a show, which pay to use.

It topically later in the treatment of hair loss in different patients. This proved Minoxidil highly effective in Stopping or reducing the loss, which is likely due to the effect of minoxidil. It dilates the blood vessels; Which ensures that the blood supply, oxygen and adequate food reaches the follicle, which may damage due to lack of blood supply, which eventually led to its fall.
Finasteride : Finasteride affects the male hormone (DHT) associated with androgenic baldness cases. It reduces it directly.It treats hair loss and genetic baldness cases; However, the decrease in the male hormone negatively. It affects other aspects such as the reproductive system and the sexual ability of men, which has been greatly restricted in its use.
There are a number of drugs and other elements that help stimulate hair growth and reduce its fall, such as vitamin B complex, vitamin A, and minerals such as zinc and potassium, and high-protein food is very useful in building and strengthening hair.

3- Dermaroller

The dermaroller device has become one of the well-known cosmetic tools. It is widely use in both beauty clinics and at home. It is a rotating roller with very small needles with a specific diameter, 0.5 millimeters. For example, that is passed several times on the face or scalp skin according to the purpose The cosmetic and the area to be activated. Thus very simple infections occur in the cells of this area.

It stimulates the blood supply to them to rebuild new healthy cells and active follicles. It is also possible and even preferable to use topical preparations recommended by the doctor such as Minoxidil. For example, after the dermaroller session, because it improves the absorption of The topical therapeutic substance doubles its usefulness.

Factors that affect the cost of non surgical hair transplant

The process of hair transplant without surgery operations that are difficult to be a specific price, due to the overlapping of a large number of factors affecting the cost, the most important of these factors:

Cost of non surgical hair transplant in Pakistan:

The cost of non-surgical hair transplantation ranges from PKR 1,00,000 to PKR 4,00,000. It usually depends upon which centre you choose for the transplantation, how many hairs you want to transplant, which type of surgery you want and which doctor will transplant your hair.

Technique and tools used in implantation.

  • The number of follicles to be extracted and transplanted.
  • Equipping and leveling the hair transplant center.
  • Physician competence and skill.
  • Standard of living and income level in the country in which the transplant performs.
  • The side equipment needed for hair transplantation without surgery and beyond, such as analysis, anesthesia, post-operative follow-up, etc.

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