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Tattoo removal is now a common practice and   a necessity for 30% of those who, while loving this particular body decoration technique, are dissatisfied with the result or wish to change the design over time. 

Therefore, if the removal of tattoos is now a real possibility, it   requires experience and cutting-edge technology. The market is saturated with old generation and poor quality Q switched lasers which, in addition to requiring a high number of sessions,   obtain partial and unsatisfactory results.

The new laser technologies allow a   safe removal,   without pain, without skin lesions and   in an always reduced number of sessions of  black and colored tattoos ,   of different sizes, located in every part of the body.

Until recently, the Q switched laser was the only tattoo removal method approved by the FDA:  the latest generation of this type of laser has reduced the duration of the beam pulse allowing the use of greater and more concentrated energies , with the result of greater effectiveness and a reduction of possible side effects (skin irritation after treatment). 

The picosecond laser by  shortening the duration of the pulse and developing greater power has allowed to significantly reduce the number of sessions required, obtaining optimal results even in polychrome and complex tattoos.


The   POLImed Tattoo Removal Center uses


  • Cutera Enlighten, picosecond laser (750 ps),   the gold standard in tattoo removal 


  • Innovative protocols with fractional CO2 laser


Cutera Enlighten is the gold standard in tattoo removal today


All tattoos can be removed: 

  • professional, black or colored
  • amateur
  • traumatic (from asphalt)
  • cosmetics 
  • skin spots (sun and aging lentigos)


The seat

During the session with the Q switched laser, the pigment of the tattoo, hit by the laser beam, undergoes an immediate transformation, called the “frosting effect”, or “pop corn” effect. The pigment particles swell attracting liquids locally, taking on a typical light color. It is a transitory effect and not harmful to the skin. In the following month the skin progressively eliminates the pigment shattered by the laser, fading it. For this reason the sessions should be spaced from 30-40 days, to give the skin time to eliminate pigment. After the session, a soothing ointment is applied for a week. It is important to avoid exposing yourself to the sun or tanning lamps for the following month and to use sunscreen.

Cutera Enlighten: effective in removing black and colored tattoos



It is difficult to predict with absolute precision the total number of sessions required, due to factors independent of the treatment:   quantity and type of pigment used, location, depth of the same. There is an international scale that allows you to roughly calculate the number of sessions needed ( Kirby-Desay scale).

At   Polimed, in Brescia   you can get a consultation and a  precise and  transparent estimate of  both the  cost of the single session and of the complete treatment,   based on a careful evaluation of the tattoo and its  extension.

The cost of the session starts from 50   euros for tattoos of 1 cm2,   up to 300-400 euros for  tattoos of  3 0 cm2. The estimates are however personalized and take into account the specific characteristics of the individual tattoo.

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What we guarantee:

– Professionalism and experience

– Quality of the laser used  (a bad laser may not remove the simplest of tattoos, or does not remove it completely, increasing the number of sessions needed)

– Absence of scars

– Optimal price-quality ratio: we  modulate the cost based on the size of the tattoo and the number of sessions needed. Costs start at 70 euros for small tattoos.

–   Guaranteed price:  in the estimate we establish with you the maximum number of sessions necessary and we keep the estimated price.

We are in  Brescia. For users of  Cremona Mantua, Bergamo and nearby provinces we use hourly facilities and quotes through e-mail or WhatsApp, if required.

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