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What are other facelift operations?

Everyday medical information over time, signs of aging and aging appear on the face, and there are many cosmetic solutions to improve the appearance of the face, including Laser technology, follow the next article with us to learn more about laser face sculpting and its advantages.

Content Laser Face Sculpting

The laser face sculpting process treats and removes the signs of aging, and targets the spots that accumulate fat and cause a flabby appearance on the face and neck using the laser, through which you can get many of the advantages of traditional face lifting, but with an easier technique.


Plastic surgeons use laser under the skin, as it has proven effective in tightening the tissues on the cheeks and neck, and the doctor may need liposuction from the bottom of the chin to further improve the contour of the jaw and neck, and laser resurfacing of the outer skin can also be performed to further improve the results.


Steps for laser face sculpting

The treatment can be performed while you wake up in less than an hour, using very small incisions so that you can quickly return to your normal life. The process of laser face sculpting includes the application of energy to melt the fat or absorb it by the body, as the heat generated on or under the skin may also cause some skin shrinkage, which is desirable.

All that is important to you from information about tummy tuck exercises for men and women and their importance Usually, most people need only one treatment session, and the results appear immediately with continuous improvement over several months, with the maximum improvement that usually occurs in 6 months.


Advantages of laser face sculpting

  • Gives the same results as a facelift, but at a faster rate.
  • The results of laser facial sculpting are more permanent than many injections.
  • Recovery time is only about two days.

Other facial surgeries

Facelift operations are not limited to laser facial surgeries only, as facial plastic surgery varies according to need, and it may be as follows:

  • Neck lift.
  • Chin augmentation.
  • Facelift.
  • Facelift with threads.
  • Front reduction surgery.
  • Facial plastic surgery without surgery.
  • Remove the scars of acne.
  • Crystal Peeling.
  • Hydrafacial technique.
  • Filler face.

In the end and after you know the laser face sculpting process and its advantages, if you have more questions or inquiries, you can consult one of our dermatologists or Plastic surgeon. Follow up every day medical information on Google News

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