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Below, learn about the 3 most dangerous cosmetic procedures and the steps that can reduce their risks.

Jaw plastic surgery

This surgery is becoming increasingly popular, especially among artists who expose the lower jaw and change the shape of the chin when needed. Among the most prominent risks that can accompany surgery in this sensitive area of ?? the face, exposure to nerve damage, which limits the ability of the face to express, in addition to the appearance of scars that are difficult to hide and bruises caused by blood collections outside the vessels. This process may be associated with bleeding, strokes, or death due to an error in anesthesia. Plastic surgeon in Islamabad says that it’s more dangerous for smokers or when suffering from problems with blood vessels.

Body lift surgery

It is one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries, as it affects the contours of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs at the same time. It also helps to remove the accumulated fat in these areas, and it ensures the tightening of the skin.

This surgery requires a stay of several hours under anesthesia and can expose those who undergo it to cardiovascular complications. The main risks that must be known before the procedure are bleeding during surgery and death due to an error in anesthesia. As for the complications that appear after surgery, they range from pain, swelling, and swelling to difficulty healing wounds, especially for smokers and those who suffer from diabetes.

Liposuction surgery

It is one of the very common cosmetic operations, as it provides a quick slimming effect. It uses the suction of excess body fat from the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, shepherds, neck, and chin areas. The misapplication of this surgery may lead to the development of skin deformities, which may be associated with bleeding and leave bruises and tumors that need time to disappear. These processes can also cause infections and problems in the heart and kidneys.

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Before performing these operations

To reduce as much as possible the risks associated with these operations, it is necessary to adhere to the following steps:

• Choose a plastic surgeon and medical team that has the experience and is trusted in this field.
Inform the medical team about all medications that are being taken to reduce the risk of bleeding.
Undergo all necessary checks and not neglect any of them.
• Thinking seriously about the need to undergo this surgery before making a final decision in this area, and taking into account that every surgical procedure, even if it is cosmetic, is associated with a life-threatening risk

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