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At first glance, there are skin cancers (such as malignant melanoma) that are confusing with moles and age spots, so if you notice any abnormalities on your skin, please contact us as soon as possible. In addition to dermo copy examinations for skin tumors, our skin clinic also supports MRI examinations and ultrasonic examinations for deep tumors.

 types of skin cancer and treatment

Major benign tumors


Mole is a mass of mole cells with altered pigment cells that produce melanin pigment, and because it contains melanin pigment, it has colors such as brown, brown, and black. Medically it is called a pigmented nevus along with a black bruise.

Some moles are born and some occur during growth, and they vary in shape from flat to raised. It’s not painful, but it can be flat in childhood, but in adults, it can grow and rise with nevus cells.

Asymmetrical, irregular border-color unevenness, and size (6 mm or more) are indicators of suspicion of mole cancer. At the very least, if the mole on the sole of your foot suddenly grows larger, or if the size is 6 mm or more, we recommend that you visit a medical institution.

About treatment

Treatments for moles also vary depending on the treating doctor. We may perform an excision, or we may look at it if it is not bad. For natural black bruises, we perform split resection or expander resection, which is performed in multiple steps. I will explain the treatment method as a specialist in skin tumor surgery and laser treatment Medical Billing. Please feel free to contact us.

Epidermoid cyst

Epidermoid cysts, also called atheroma, are hemispherical benign tumors that are formed by the accumulation of waste products and sebum in the bag formed by the invagination of the skin. The size is about 1 to 2 cm in diameter, but in rare cases, it can be 10 cm or more. The areas that are likely to occur are the face, neck, back, behind the ears, groin, etc., and multiple areas may occur at the same time.

It features a black dot-shaped opening in the center, and if you try to crush it by pressing it strongly with your finger, etc., a porridge-like substance with an odor will be discharged. It is very similar to an epidermoid cyst, but if there are black spots, it is a cyst. There are no subjective symptoms, but redness and pain may occur if secondary bacterial infection occurs or if the cyst wall is breached. This is called an inflammatory cyst.


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About treatment

If it is not inflamed, surgery removes the bag, which is the body of the tumor. If you are inflamed, take antibiotics. If the inflammation does not subside, make a small incision on the surface to produce pus, and reduce the inflammation. Surgery to remove the bag may be required at a later date.


Lipomas are benign tumors that occur in the subcutaneous adipose tissue and in the muscle. Since it grows slowly, many people in their 40s and 50s notice it and go to a medical institution. In most cases, there are no subjective symptoms such as pain, but in rare cases, it may be painful because it contains many blood vessels.

About treatment

In the treatment of lipoma, it is important to distinguish it from malignant liposarcoma.
If it suddenly grows, is large in size, or is deep in the muscle, diagnostic imaging such as MRI is required. Surgery with local anesthesia is usually performed, but deep lipomas such as intramuscular or very large lipomas may require resection under general anesthesia.

Major malignant tumors

Actinic keratosis

It is a skin disease that develops when exposed to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight and is also a very early lesion of skin cancer. Most of the patients start to have symptoms in their 50s, and the overwhelming majority are over 70 years old.

There are no subjective symptoms such as pain and itching, and as skin symptoms, the surface is rough and red, scabs are seen, and a circular rash with a diameter of several mm to 1 cm and a blurred outline is easily exposed to sunlight. It damages the skin on the following body parts face, pinna, forearms, and back of the hands.

About treatment

First of all, if you suspect actinic keratosis by a dermal copy test, etc., first cut out a part of the skin and examine it under a microscope (biopsy). The first treatment is with an external preparation called Bethelna Cream. The complete disappearance rate with Bethelna cream is reported to be 57.1%. If the tumor remains, it will be removed by surgery. Since it is often found on exposed areas such as the face and hands, surgery such as flap surgery and skin graft surgery should be performed with care so as not to spoil the appearance.

Bowen’s disease

Bowen’s disease is a type of cancer that develops inside the epidermis and is said to be caused by human papillomavirus infection, arsenic poisoning, etc., including ultraviolet rays such as sunlight. say.  Bowen’s disease is considered to be an early spinous cell carcinoma.


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Bowen’s disease has a red and rough rash on the surface, which is not only circular in shape but also distorted. It is often found on the torso, but it can also occur on the hands and pubic area. It looks very similar and can be mistaken for eczema.

About treatment

Surgical excision is possible. In surgery, wide excision is performed a few mm away from the margin of the lesion.

Basal cell carcinoma

It’s is a type of skin cancer that has a small amount of metastasis to far places but tends to grow deeper. Since 90% of Pakistanis basal cell carcinomas have a color such as black, it is important to distinguish them from colored skin tumors. In rare cases, basal cell carcinoma has no color, but dermo copy is effective. It is more common among the elderly, with people in their 50s and 70s accounting for 80% of the total.

About treatment

Treatment will be excision by surgical treatment. Basal cell carcinoma often occurs on the face, so reconstructive surgery should be performed with care not to spoil the appearance. Metastasis is unlikely, so if the lesion can be removed, the chances of cure will increase.

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